'Get involved'

Dear collegues,

How do we involve people who bought a license?

Where does coordination of efforts take place?

How does decision-making in ET3 take place in order to achieve progress?

What is the strategy for selling thousands or even millions of licenses as that would render the funds to build a much desired demo?

Why so far did not one company that could add much to ET3 (e.g. in vacuum pumps, LSS) so far buy a corporate license?

How can we generate funds to build at least one protoype capsule for cargo?

Who is responsible for creating ever improved communication-materials for ET3, standardising them and making them available in different languages?

What exactly means a 'chaordic organisational corporate culture'?

How do we make sure that B&DO have enough income to continue without any financial worries of their own?

ET3 has some 160 empty companies that need to be staffed with competent and motivated entrepreneurs/general managers. What is the plan? 

ET3 national and international maps need to be standardised. Who coordinates this progress?

Education for new licensees is necessary. What is the plan?

Our patent-situation has holes. Who is responsible for improving our IP-coverage internationally? Many more patents can be developed. Who has the overview?

ET3 on social media in my opinion is too much biased towards CA HSR and I would like to see it being globally oriented, with an angle of turning interested people into a licensee and thus much education and information on the advantages of our license as entrance to the open source and as an upfront license-to-ride. Where can this be discussed?

ET3 management in my view needs to empower licencees to make progress. Is this the general vision?



Ralph Bakker, MBA,

ET3 Netherlands, Inc.

www.ET3.nl / www.ET3.eu



The Netherlands